Exhibition «Living in a Debtocracy»

Illustrations by Marc Rodríguez Porcell
deudocracia english

The goal of the exhibition is to reach a wide group of people with information about the process of indebtedness of the Spanish State, and its impacts on the population. Through illustrations, plain but serious explanations, charts and date, the exhibition «Living in a Debtocracy» summarizes the process of indebtedness of the Spanish State, covering the relationship that it has with the debt in the South, emphazising the impact that this debt has on the population, as it acts as an argument for structural reforms. The exhibition ends with a call for the construction of alternatives presenting the proposal for a Citizen Debt Audit as a tool towards these alternatives.

The exhibition has 30 slides prepared to print on DIN-A2. They have a Creative Commons licence for free downloading. You can download the two versions here: web and printable (higher quality). You also have the versions in Spanish and Catalan.