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A European Square


European Social Movements Strategy Meeting – Amsterdam. (See Storify)

Coming from all over Europe, 60 organizations and networks [see complete list below] from well-established groups with a long history to the most recent social movements, gathered over three days in Amsterdam to share stories of successful resistance and to shape common campaigns and strategies.

There was a strong commitment to apply the lessons learnt during the recent camps and occupations. The proposed agenda was modified along the lines of a general assembly, where all the participants had their say through an open and horizontal process. Different working groups were created to further develop the topics that were considered most important for the months to come: Democracy and the Commons, Troika and Debt, the Competitiveness Pact, and the European elections.

As a result, four different initiatives were jointly developed at the end of the strategy meeting: Sigue leyendo

THE AWAKENING OF THE SQUARES. A year of 15M movement. Barcelona.

[vimeo 45799546]

«The awakening of the squares» analyzes the 15M movement, a year later, from six people who lived in the Barcelona occupation of Catalonia Square.

The documentary looks at the process of this movement that shook society in the demand of more democracy and raised the expectation that citizenship could force a change of cycle in the country.

We present the reflections of the protagonists, and the view of passersbys, the media and the political class.

Although the camp was dismantled, the film tries to understand what traces the movement has left behind.

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PACD recommends: «Egyptian Winter»

[vimeo 60995777#at=0]

Two years after the revolution in Egypt began, unrest continues across the country as the political and economic situation worsens. As the current government consolidates its power, the demands of the revolution may seem further away than ever. Still the revolution has opened up new spaces for political action, spurring public debate on issues that have gone unacknowledged and unresolved for too long.

This short documentary looks at some of the reasons motivating revolutionaries to keep taking the streets, the obstacles that they are facing, and the tactics that they are using.  It looks into the current economic and political problems facing Egyptians, the growing independent union movement, black bloc tactics, and the response of women to sexual assaults.

Source: Global Uprisings