October 19th, 2012

October 19th, 2012

See you in Agora99 – Nov 1st to 4th, Madrid

From the Citizen Debt Audit Platform in Spain (PACD), we have worked on convergence with different groups in the Debt axis in order to be able to come up with common strategies, dynamics and calender (with Florence10+10 in mind) and the objective of building a united international resistance movement to face the neoliberal agenda.

Why we consider it important? European economic austerity policies are attacking our rights, draining our democracy and destroying what we knew as “welfare state”, particularly affecting vulnerable groups (children and young people, women, immigrants, precarious workers…) and regardless of the environmental perspective, betting on dead economic growth.

This is why we consider strategic to directly attack the root of our problems. Austerity, cuts, loss of rights, the depletion of our imperfect democracy… are symptoms produced by the debt mechanism; a tool in hands of EU neoliberal policies. Africa, Latin America, Asia … have already been through this, now it’s our turn.  ¡No pasarán!


AGORA99 2nd-4th Nov, Madrid